Deborah Gallant 2015 Head Shot

Deborah Gallant

All the way back to kindergarten, teachers reported that I was very bright, got the answers quickly and insisted on sharing those answers with the rest of the class even if it wasn’t my turn.  Over the years I’ve learned (a little bit) to play nicer with others (and kiss up to teachers), but I’ve taken those very same traits and turned them into my stock in trade.

I was born with a business brain, always finding innovative ways to do things profitably.  I had a blast working as the Marketing Director for New York’s all-jazz public radio station. (Ask me about meeting Dizzy Gillespie and Lionel Hampton!)—from art shows to singles parties, I was way out there.

I’ve also done the corporate thing, including five years working at the ABC Radio Networks in New York.  I earned my MBA in Marketing from Columbia University where I won an award for the top woman marketing graduate.

My independent thinking and creativity served me very well when I jumped into the Internet industry in the mid-90’s where we frequently had to make things up as we went along.

When I started my own business in 2002 (I’m never sure whether to describe it as coaching or consulting, because it’s my own unique hybrid)—I knew I wanted to help small business owners.  Every day I get to wear a different hat, tackle new and different challenges for different kinds of enterprises.

Most businesses started with an idea, a vision and a passion.  My fun, creative process gets us back in touch with that and focuses squarely on the bottom line.  Together we look at the big picture, the current situation and identify where there are problems or obstacles.  We hone in on critical issues, come up with pragmatic solutions and go into the action phase quickly, making a big impact in a short time.

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