Some cool recent work…

My primary business is NOT building websites or creating videos, but I am so pleased to have worked on several of both recently, thought I’d use this blog as a chance to do some show and tell.  Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, California launched a new website that I project-managed and wrote: Another medical group, Total Family Care, Dr. Hylton Lightman of Far Rockaway also rebuilt and rethought their website with me: And hope you didn’t miss the big big project I did with colleagues Denise Buchman and Marty Jenoff for Symphony Placements in Baltimore.   You can check out these marketing and training videos on my YouTube channel.    Next video shoot in Baltimore July 27th if you’re interested!  Having a blast working on all these varied projects.

Yes, I’m jumping on the CyberMonday bandwagon.

Why not?  I am inundated with emails from everywhere I have ever shopped (at least the ones where they have my email address) both in the real world and the Cyber world, so I’ve created my own cyber Monday special.  For my existing website clients who have not yet upgraded their sites to be mobile-responsive (and you know who you are), I am offering $30 off the one-time payment of $129 to get it done.  Only from now through Wednesday, December 2d, you can have a mobile-responsive website for just $99 flat fee.  Use the coupon code CYBER30 to get your discount.  Not sure what mobile-responsive is or why you need it?  Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and you can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t look and work perfectly by all your visitors.  Also Google will seriously ding you if you’re not mobile ready.  Read all the details here on my website.


Do you want us to analyze your web marketing?

Andrew Rose of Zest Social Media Solutions will join me on our September webinar to answer the question Why Isn’t My Website making the phone ring?  Instead of a standard Powerpoint, Andrew will be looking at real client web marketing, offering ideas and constructive criticism to help it work better.  Want to be one of the guinea pigs?  We will take three volunteers who want us to look at their website, Google Analytics, social media, email marketing, the works.  Email me ASAP if you want to be one of the volunteers.

What’s the big deal with Mobile Responsive Websites?

I recently ran a webinar for Bold Business Works website clients explaining what is up with mobile-responsive websites. You can watch the video here:

Bottom line: More people than ever are accessing your website on a phone or tablet…so you want it to look and work well for them. PLUS Google now takes into account how mobile-friendly your website is when it ranks your website for search. So if it isn’t good on a phone, it gets factored into your ability to get found.

So if your website is a source of new business for you, you shouldn’t ignore this!