What is mobile-responsive?

Mobile-responsive means that a website changes how it looks and works based on what device the user is looking at it on (like a phone or tablet).

My site already looks fine on a phone.  What’s different?

Our WordPress website builder creates a mobile-friendly version of your website already, but it is not considered mobile-responsive.  Mobile-responsive slightly changes the presentation of your site elements so they are easily read and navigated on a different (smaller) screen.

Why is mobile-responsive important?

Since more and more people access websites over mobile devices, Google has announced that it has changed its search algorithm so that it favors websites that are mobile-responsive.

How do I know what Google thinks of my website?

They have a free tool you can access to check their assessment of your mobile-reponsiveness.  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Is this an urgent, pressing problem?

It is important, but your website isn’t going down or won’t sink in the search rankings overnight.  This is just one of many rules that Google follows to rank websites.  But you should address the issue and decide what you want to do.

What is Bold Business Works doing to deal with this issue?

We have added an option for our clients who want a mobile-responsive version of their current website.  It is a $129 one time charge for us to add it.

Shouldn’t this be automatic since you my website is in WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform.  Anyone with a WordPress website built anywhere will need to manage this issue.  Our installation of WordPress is simplified for our clients—you are not required to add plug-ins, do your own hosting, backups, etc.

Do I have to do this?  What happens if I don’t?

You don’t have to do anything!  If you don’t, your website will continue as is and will look and work on mobile devices just like it does now.

Why would I want to do this?

More and more people access websites using phones and tablets.  You can check to see what percentage of your visitors come from mobile by checking your Google Analytics.  Do a gut check:  if you are getting a steady stream of new clients from web searches and your clients are using mobile, this investment is probably worth making.

Will my website look the same on a phone?

Mostly.  Some things will be automatically simplified and streamlined so it looks and works well on a phone.  For instance, if you have big complicated graphics in your banner, you will lose those in the mobile version, which will instead just read in your business name and tagline.

Can I pay over time?

No.  The $129 is due all at once if you want to add a mobile-responsive website.  Pay it online here:  http://www.profcs.com/SecureCart/SecureCart.aspx?mid=5388923D-37A3-4859-AFE5-ED39072BF877&pid=784cc9b5f44a418caac078a65261e4ff&bn=1

Will my monthly fee change?

No.  You will keep paying whatever you pay now.

Will my responsive website come up automatically after I pay?

No, we will go in to each client’s website and ensure that your design and content look as good as possible:  this will take up to two business days.  We will email you to confirm when it is complete.

I don’t remember how to log in and update my website, this seems like a good opportunity to get it up to date.

There are many support videos to remind you how to create and update your site.  Spike is also available for tutorials, you can email her at sales@boldbusinessworks.com.

What if I want to use this opportunity to just upgrade and get a better, more robust WordPress website?

Glad you asked.  Our developer, Kevin McGillivray has created an upgraded WordPress system that is being successfully used by several of our clients including http://www.aim4order.com and http://www.sarafreed.com for example.  If you are interested in graduating from our system to this more functional WordPress platform, please contact Deborah.

Want a full lesson on mobile-responsive?  Watch this 20-minute video for more information.