But I love Orange!

Driving around this morning, I heard a radio report that excerpted the results of a career advice study that if you are going for a job interview, you should still wear black or navy blue…that wearing those colors improves your chances of getting hired.  Red is listed as a power color—one of the last times I got hired to work for someone else (1996) I was wearing a floor length Calvin Klein swing coat.  The worst color?  Orange.

I have been carrying a super-cool orange Kate Spade handbag for a few months now and it is the most commented-upon item that I have ever owned.  I am no accessory hog and the fact that I’ve been carrying it around since the summer is probably an indicator that I am not that fashion-conscious.  But it makes me happy and I love that people take note of it.

Purple is probably my signature color, in my logo, banner, website, etc.  I like bright green and orange too.  I guess all of this means that I am a misfit for the corporate-type jobs that this study was referring to.  I can live with that.  Color expresses my individuality and creativity.  If someone wants to hire me, they will need to appreciate that anyway.

Want to read the original article?  Here it is.