Nothing like connecting over a cuppa coffee.

I had a cup of coffee this morning (at one of my favorite Baltimore spots, Goldberg’s Bagels, but that is a different blog post!) with someone I’d been on a panel with maybe two years ago. We had seen each other in passing several times, but he initiated this meeting and I was glad to sit down with him.

We had a great conversation, just 45 minutes of catch-up on how our respective businesses are doing, telling some client success stories and sharing what would make a great client for each of us.

I have to tell you, there is a connection you make when you meet with someone in person that is just not replicated over the phone, even over Skype. It’s why I still prefer to coach in person whenever possible. Eyeball to eyeball, mano to mano is still so much better. And for those of us who work from our homes, it is healthy to get out there and see other people, too.

Try it and see for yourself.