What if you don’t have anything to say?

I was working with my SEO specialist today and we were talking about a client we were working on.  This client started off on a high when we launched the website and spent a lot of time writing a thoughtful and timely blog post.  And she followed up about every two months or so with another new post…which always got a good response and comments.  (this is not a given!  lots of posts get no comments or spam comments only)  But then she got distracted with the everyday mayhem of running her business and living her life.  So her website has gone down a bit in search rankings and traffic.  If you are going to do a blog, you need to stick with it!  If your most recent blog post is from last year, you will lose credibility with real people and also get “dinged” by the search results since your site will not have fresh content.  If you are going to blog, blog.  Stick to a schedule.  They don’t all have to be long and involved and don’t even need pictures.  But if the commitment is too much (I get it, I myself do not blog frequently enough) then just don’t blog at all.  Do social media.  Write/send a permission-based newsletter every month.  It can be hard to come up with something new to say all the time so if this isn’t your thing, DON’T DO IT.