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Subject: What Are They Saying About You? Bold Business Works January 2012 Newsletter
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What's the buzz about you?
January 2012   

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In our wired world, what people say about you is VERY important.

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My family took a short vacation in Arizona over holiday break.  We'd never been there before and used the Internet for all our research---booking our hotels, restaurants and activities before we arrived.  We used a number of different sites to cross-check reviews, ratings and comments and were not disappointed with any of our choices.

Seems like we were unwittingly a part of a huge trend: consumers are relying enormously on reviews---even by complete strangers---to make their purchase decisions.

In one study of 2,000 shoppers - 92% deemed customer reviews as "extremely" or "very" helpful. (eTailing Group).    Another report in the New York Times describes a study that shows a measurable increase in business from getting more stars in your Yelp review.  A little good buzz can get you a lot of mileage online.

Reviews can also give a big boost to your search rankings.  Go to Google and do a search for "Conejo Tankless" to see how highly Google returns a review.

Even if your business isn't a restaurant or retail location that has a listing on Yelp or Angie's List, there are still plenty of ways to enlist customer support to help sway potential clients.
  • Make sure your Linked In profile has several good, meaty recommendations from professional colleagues, clients, bosses, etc.
  • Also review other people who are well-known to you.  These cross-referencing can help both of you. 
  • Put testimonials and case studies on your own website.  If possible, use photos and names of the people who gave them to add credibility.
  • Make a regular practice of collecting new testimonials from happy clients and get their permission to use their words. 
  • Participate in online conversations in your area of specialty, engaging in a dialogue that helps show off your expertise and real interactions with people.  Do this by blogging, replying to other's blogs, retweeting things of interest. 
  • Solicit Likes to your Facebook Business page and followers to your Twitter feed---the number of fans will add to your credibility.
  • Set a Google Alert so you can read any new posts or information about you that gets posted anywhere.  (

And the inevitable question...what do you do if there's a bad review?  First, try to make things right with the client if it's a legitimate complaint.  If it's not legit, go to the online publisher and try to get it pulled down.  But by far your best defense is a good offense---simply offset the one negative by having lots of positives! 


So, go Google yourself and see what's being said about you.   

Make it your business to make sure it's all good! 


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