And on the 7th day...
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Subject: And on the 7th day...
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Don't worry, this isn't about religion!  But it is a lesson that I learned from working with some more observant clients.  You can gain valuable insights about life and business from all kinds of unlikely places. 
Happy spring! 
About seven years ago, I was lucky enought to meet Chaya Appel Fishman, the energetic young founder of the Jewish Women Entrepreneur's organization (

Her start-up organization is devoted to helping observant Jewish women with their own businesses.  I was a speaker at several national conferences as well as local chapter meetings and as I've developed these relationships, I have thankfully gained a steady clientele of observant Jews in my coaching practice.

It was my husband who noticed recently that I have been more relaxed on weekends---because from Friday sundown on, my work emails and phone calls stop.  So even though I have not officially become Sabbath-observant, I certainly enjoy the Sabbath work break.

Sabbath walk in Westlake Village
When you work for yourself, it can be hard to stop working.  With email and mobile phones, work can and does follow you anywhere.  You can try to set policies about "office hours" but there's always more you can do.    Maybe that's one of the reasons I appreciate the value of the electronic silence of Sabbath.

Working seven days a week is exhausting and unnecessary.  Try giving yourself a day off once a week and see if it doesn't make the rest of the week more productive and enjoyable.   

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