Why Can't My Business Be More Like My Crockpot?
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ry 2017
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Despite these turbulent times, business seems to keep rolling along. 

This month some thoughts inspired by comfort food!    
My favorite kitchen appliance:  My Crockpot.

Yes, it makes delicious comfort food.  (Beef stew, soups, ratatouille)  But there's more to it than that.

It appeals to my organized mind and is a model of efficiency.  I can put a hearty meal on the table with minimal muss and fuss.  Plan ahead:  in the morning, place all the ingredients in the pot, season it, put the top on and walk away. 

Come back in six to ten hours and voila---you've got a wonderful meal.

So why can't my crockpot offer a paradigm for business success?  Believe me, I wish it was true.  It would be so easy, wouldn't it?  If you put all the right ingredients in---a smart business model, effective marketing and operations, why can't it work on autopilot? 

It just doesn't work that way.  Because business is messy.  It involves people, processes and the vagaries of real life.  You can't just expect to be hands-off and for good results to ensue.  My coaching clients hope I can give them a magic "crockpot" formula, but unfortunately it does not really exist.

Enjoy your hearty meals, but don't forget you need to actually work at your business!  
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