Did my card get lost in the mail?
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September 2016
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Happy September!  I do love this season, new school year, fresh starts and cooler weather. 

Oh and it is also my birthday month!

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My Grandma Betty was Hallmark's best customer.

She never forgot an occasion, a birthday, Valentine's Day, a graduation, new baby, you name it.  She always sent a physical card in the mail and a personal phone call, even the week before she passed away.
Four generations circa 2003

After she was gone, my cousins and I split up her substantial card collection, but the cards themselves weren't the main point.  It was Betty's old fashioned graciousness. 

So my birthday has come and gone with out one single birthday card.  (My mother's card was delayed by the holiday weekend, but she promises me it is coming!) 

Yes, I got over 150 Happy Birthday greetings on Facebook and it is nice to be remembered by such a wide range of friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  Is it ungrateful to say I miss my cards in the mail?  I am a big fan of Send Out Cards which lets you send print cards in the snail mail through an online interface.

A phone call or a hand-written note shows that you really care and want to go the extra mile.  Does that have implications for your business?

Of course, I am also one of the few people I know who still likes to read the Sunday newspaper in print and borrows real books from the library.  A Luddite?  Maybe a little.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Let me know.

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