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Celebrate your victories!
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
January 2015 
Hope you are having a wonderful new year! 

One of my favorite things about year-end are the compilation of "best-of" lists, highlights and features on what happened this year.  Why don't we do this for ourselves?  Before you dive into 2015, how about a little reflection on your own accomplishments of the last year?  Cheers!

Did you catch the Kennedy Center honors?

This is one of my favorite awards shows--highlighting the accomplishments of leading artists across various disciplines. 

Al Green, Patricia McBride, Sting, Lily Tomlin, Tom Hanks, all being honored by their peers.  (the only awards show where the honoree doesn't make a speech!)

So we don't all have careers like Sting...but we do all have accomplishments and the new year is a great time to reflect on what we have done.  
What are the highlights of
your past year?

They don't have to be big ones, but celebrate each victory:  new clients, big projects, life events.

It was a big year for me and my business:  

  • Successfully moved from Baltimore to NYC. 
  • Launched a joint venture in the medical arena (see below). 
  • Repeat presenter for the Jewish Women Entrepreneurs national conference.
  • Supported 20 new client website launches with our Wordpress website builder.
  • Produced over 20 new client videos with partner Marty Jenoff.  (not the same 20 people!)
  • Presenter in two major virtual events, building my list and reach considerably.
  • Two successful business trips to California included multiple public talks and new client engagements.
  • Saw several clients meet and exceed their business goals!
  • Am receiving a steady stream of new referral clients across the country.
  • And last but not least (just got the notice last week)...I fought a New York City parking violation and beat it! Yay me!

Not happy with your own accomplishments?  This might be the perfect time to set up your own coaching call!  Free of charge, of course.  Schedule it now! 


    Happy New Year from Jon and Deborah

I look forward to hearing from you! 





Deborah Gallant



Bold Business Works

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Caring Connections Maryland with Joyce Apperson

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If you know any medical doctors and have heard from them how difficult it is to have a successful practice---keep us in mind.

My partner Meridian Kristi and I are ready to provide services through our Concierge Transition Team.  We are looking for any doctors who are dissatisfied with their current practice--know any doctors who fit the bill?  Referrals welcome. 

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