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Winter 2018

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Happy New Year from the frosty wilds of Columbia County, New York.

My newsletter this month focuses on some terrific, somewhat surprising successes my friends and clients have had lately...hope it gives you some insight and inspiration too!


While the odds may be against you if you're over 50---I have three wonderful success stories to share that prove that you can still triumph.

D:  TRUST IN YOUR VALUE:  My friend D was between jobs for over two years.  From the very beginning, he was methodical and organized about identifying opportunities in his area of specialty that were commutable from his home (or virtual).  While looking he kept his skills and contacts up to date and was able to get a number of valuable freelance projects. He got interviews and was a finalist for several positions.  I am happy to report that he started a great new job---an excellent fit for his skill sets and background---in December.  He never lost track of his value to the right organization.  Too old?  Not an issue.  His employer values his wisdom, perspective and connections.  And yes, he got the job during the holidays (which everyone says never happens!)

J:  FIND THE ORGANIZATION THAT WILL VALUE YOU EVEN IF THERE IS NO JOB POSTED:    My advice for pro-active job hunters is that you shouldn't be waiting for job openings to be listed, you should decide what company can most benefit from your experience and then just find a way to become known there.  That is exactly what J did.  It took a bunch of Linked In connections, emails and phone calls to network into his ideal employer.  Once they knew him they sent him an official application and began the hiring process.  It wasn't fast.  From start to finish, maybe five months---but J got an offer for a perfect-fit management position that is a great career step for him. And BTW the job was never posted anywhere so he wasn't competing against anyone!

KEVIN:  CHALLENGE THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DONE.  My friend and neighbor Kevin Weldon has been active in our community for many years and was asked to run for the Chatham NY Town Board this fall. 
A political neophyte, Kevin asked several of us to help him with his campaign.  It was really fun for me to put my marketing chops to work in a new field---building a website/blog, Facebook page (even doing paid FB ads) and I  recommended campaign tee shirts, which ended up being a big hit. 

Kevin had been warned that first-timers rarely win, but he rolled up his sleeves and he did win!  He came in with the second highest vote count and was sworn into office this week. 

The incumbent candidates ran their campaigns just the way they always did.  Kevin did things his way. 

Congratulations to him!

If you approach your career and business issues with authenticity and a belief in your own value, amazing things can happen.
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