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Ever had a terrible tour guide?

Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
December  2012   
Coming up with interesting topics for this monthly newsletter isn't always easy.  This month some words of wisdom from my teenage nephew (and yes, it does relate to your business, I promise!)   Happy Holidays!

Deborah Gallant
Bold Business Works

How are people experiencing YOUR brand?
Over Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's home, the conversation centered on college.  My 19-year old nephew who is a sophomore at the University of Michigan (I'd use his photo but he wouldn't approve, so instead you get the logo from his school.) Michigan logo And my daughter is a junior in high school and is just starting to look into colleges.  We had gone on a college visit just that week and had been underwhelmed with the school despite its great reputation.

Nate said the smartest thing I'd ever heard about the college search process:  "How much you like the college is totally dependent on the tour guide you get."

Just think for a moment how true that is.  Your experience of that school is mediated by this stranger and if they don't hit the mark with you...because of their training, their presentation, their knowledge or even just that their interests and enthusiasms are too different than your own....then the school is diminished.

How does this relate to your business?  Think of the touches and interactions that your prospects and clients have with you.  Are they all what you want them to be? 

In reading the Steve Jobs biography last month, I learned he sweated every detail of the Apple customer experience for all of his products, the hardware, the software, the packaging, the marketing, the logo, you name it. 

Check and see what the customer experience is for your business:

---Listen to the voice mail message on your business number.
---Do all the people in your business use a signature file, making it easy to contact them?
---Does an auto-responder reply to inquiries to your website?  What does it say?

Remember the tour guide and you'll make sure that your users have great experiences.

I am excited to announce the launch of the Power of Two Mastermind groups with colleague Mark Luterman of Small Business Secret Weapon
Power of Two Mastermind Deborah Gallant Mark Luterman
Power of Two Mastermind Deborah Gallant Mark Luterman

If you've been considering coaching, there isn't any better or more affordable opportunity than these powerful VIRTUAL groups. You get TWO experienced business coaches, the accountability of other business owners and managers and structured learning and milestones.
Ten places only, with category exclusivity
Both Mark and I are marketing this program, so the places are going quickly.  If you are interested, act quickly!

Contact me for details or register on our website:  www.poweroftwomastermind.com

Is your business stuck?  Explore coaching with me by setting up your own free Coaching Exploration Call at https://my.timedriver.com/KBN82  


I look forward to talking with you!




Deborah Gallant



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A most amazing gift idea...or order for yourself.

If you are a former New Yorker, like me, you know that pizza elsewhere pales in comparison.   So how about getting it sent to you?

My new client, Adam Froelich of City Pizza Overnight makes FRESH New York-style thin crust pizza to order and then ships it to you overnight. 

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