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August 2016
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Hope you are having an excellent summer.  While it may be a little slower than usual, it can be a great time to re-examine your business and make sure you are on track with all aspects of your business.

A b-school friend once told me about doing a consulting project at a bank. He was examining one of their standard processes and at the end of each transaction, the bankers were told to take the total and "multiply by one."  My friend pointed out that multiplying by one resulted in the exact same answer and they should stop doing it.  But they didn't implement his suggestion.  Why?   "That's the way we've always done it."

Is it time to pull the plug on your old way of doing things?

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We all do things because we've always done them.

As a business coach who thinks strategically about client problems all the time, it can be hard to focus on my own business.  But when I finally did---I realized that I shouldn't be in the website-building business anymore.

webpowertools small
A little history:
My tech partner Kevin McGillivray and I built Coach Power Tools in 2006 because coaches didn't have a way to build and maintain their own websites without learning HTML. We ramped up.  Changed the name to Web Power Tools to reflect our broad, growing client base. 

Then Kevin became my tech consultant and website builders were my "side business".  I hired support staff.  When Wordpress became popular in 2011, we moved our sites to a simplified version of WordPress.

Fast Forward to 2016.  Now there are many companies offering website builders.  (are they as good as our system?  Maybe, maybe not)  But these  competitors are well-funded to attract new customers and to support them 24/7. 

Does it still make sense for me to be in this business? 

(Did you hear about the community effort in Boston to stop that city's effort to get the Olympics...just because you CAN do something isn't reason enough to do it.)

The answer:  No. I need to stop being in the website builder business.  Kevin has a thriving business building custom and semi-custom WordPress sites.  It makes perfect sense for him. (BBT clients learn more details here.)

Breaking up is hard to do--it would have been much easier to just keep on keeping on.   But I will now have time to do what I am really great at (coaching!)   

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