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Subject: Don't Be Mediocre! Deborah's November Newsletter
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Nine People's Favorite Thing?

Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
November  2012   
Where does your inspiration come from?  This month I was inspired by listening to Broadway show tunes.  What?  Read on.

Deborah Gallant
Bold Business Works
Don't Be Mediocre!!
I am always open to ideas and inspiration, wherever they might hit me.

In this case, it was listening to the Sirius XM radio in my car---Channel 72---Broadway Show Tunes. 

They went deep in the vault and played a song from a short-lived show from a few years ago---it was called "[title of show]" .  I don't remember it making much of an impression at the time, but they played a terrific little song called "Nine People's Favorite Thing."

The lyrics really caught my attention: 

We can either follow our instinct
Or take advice from every joker
We can either be distinct
Or wind up merely mediocre
But not me...Not me...

I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing
Than a hundred people's ninth favorite thing
Nine peoples favorite thing
Than a hundred people's ninth favorite thing

I just love that sentiment!  It kind of sounds like the advice I give to clients about their website:  being vanilla won't cut it, you've got to be pistachio---be brave, be bold, stand out from the others. 

Last week I had an exploratory meeting with a potential client and after 15 minutes she stopped the conversation and wanted to tell me that she loved my business name.  She said Bold Business Works was an apt description of me and my services.  I know I'm not everyone's ideal coach, but the folks who want a truth-telling, fearless direction for their business get me.  I would rather be nine people's favorite coach than a hundred people's ninth favorite coach! 
Hurricane has delayed video shoot to November 14th.
(we were spared the worst of it, but everything got cancelled October 30th)

Still time for you to have me coach you and get a video for $299.

I partner with professional videographer Marty Jenoff of Focal Point Productions.  We were supposed to shoot during the hurricance, but we've moved the date to Wednesday, November 14th at a convenient spot near BWI airport.  Room for one more person who wants to add a professional video to their website for just $299.

Here's a sample of what you can expect:
Peter Thompson, Lansite Computer Support for Architects, Engineers, Small Business
Peter Thompson, Lansite Computer Support for Architects, Engineers, Small Business
Reserve your place and see what a difference it will make in the performance of your website!

Is your business stuck?  Explore coaching with me by setting up your own free Coaching Exploration Call at  


I look forward to talking with you!




Deborah Gallant



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