Did you forget to say "Thank You?"
From: Deborah Gallant, Bold Business Works
Subject: Did you forget to say "Thank You?"
Preheader: A few thoughts on expressing gratitude.
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March 2016
Welcome to the new format!
Have you been naughty?  Seems to me like the world has gotten away from the social nicety of saying "Thank you."  Also...my newsletter changes format this month!  Should read like a charm on your mobile device!   Deborah
A "thank you" is always in order.

I received this card (yes, a real paper card!) recently from one of my long-standing clients and despite my half-hearted protest, it was very gratifying to get it.  And at a recent event in Baltimore, one attendee went out of her way to tell me how some advice I'd given her two years ago gave her some actionable insightes that she has used very effectively to help grow her company exponentially.  I was so pleased. 

In my personal and professional life, I often do introductions, give suggestions and offer ideas and direction to colleagues, clients and friends.  Frequently these gestures lead to real connections, open doors and/or turn into paying clients.  I am happy when that happens---but it is actually quite rare that anyone circles back to tell me about it!.  Read what one of my friends posted on Facebook once she realized she never phoned or emailed me with a simple "Thank you." 

I even have a folder in my desk drawer called "Atta Girl" that I stick notes and testimonials in so when I'm having a bad day, I can pull out those nice notes and thank yous and get a burst of energy.  Have I inspired you?   
Why not thank someone today? 
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