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June 2016
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Do you read Consumer Reports?  My favorite part of the magazine is the inside back page, which features all kinds of goofs and glitches.  I saw a few of my own this week and thought I'd share them as cautionary tales.

If you've seen any, share them with me and I'll publish them next month!


The scary thing for me about this business card is that the person handing it out didn't see anything wrong with it.  

I have blacked out the name and URL of the company, but this card was handed to me at an exhibit table at a recent business-to-business expo.  If this firm can't write a grammatical sentence, what are the chances they can deliver on the promise of teaching me about selling on Amazon (for several thousand dollars)?

I passed by this bicycle messenger advertisement for a dry cleaner on the Upper West Side and thought it was kind of clever ...til I noticed the spelling error.  They actually got RECEIVE correct and then blew it with COMPLEMENTARY instead of COMPLIMENTARY.  Maybe I can live with bad spelling when it is just my dry cleaner, but still.  Couldn't someone have proof-read it?

HubSpot has an article that shows that even big brands can make these kind of mistakes.  Click here to read. 

Before you go to print with anything---have a second person proof-read it.  Avoid embarrassing goofs and gaffes which may make you lose credibility.
I received a great compliment from someone at the Expo who I gave "speed coaching" to:  "You were by far the most valuable resource I came in contact with. I appreciate your understanding of my situation and I'm very thankful for your advice."  A.T.  

Could you use a shot of Deborah-power for your business? 

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Have you heard about co-working spaces?  The big one in New York is called We Work and I'm delighted to be presenting my "Marketing Outside the Box" presentation at their new facility in Astoria, Queens.  (Just two subway stops from Manhattan).   The public is welcome and you'll get a tour and meet the exciting business owners working in their facility.  (Plus you'll get a shot of inspiration from me!)

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