Help! My Fitbit has taken over my life (not really)---Deborah's January Newsletter
From: Deborah Gallant, Bold Business Works
Subject: Help! My Fitbit has taken over my life (not really)---Deborah's January Newsletter
Preheader: We do what is measured.
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What do you count?  The perils of over-counting and under-counting...
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
January 2016  

Happy New Year.  2016. How can that be?  Seems impossible but here we are. Time to take stock?  I've kind of been obsessing!  Read on.
Ever hear the saying "We do what is inspected, not what is expected"?

Measuring changes everything. 

The quote comes from Lou Gerstner of RJR Nabisco...but it resonates especially for me since I got a Fitbit for my holiday present.  (yes, I asked for it!)

So since December 19th I have been tracking my steps, calories, miles and sleep.  It becomes a little bit of an obsession.  Fitbit even sends you emails to congratulate you on days that you exceed your goals. Of course, it is pretty easy to go overboard.  Humorist David Sedaris wrote about his obsession in the New Yorker. 

There's a new fitness franchise that is on-trend with this measurement craze called OrangetheoryOrangeTheory screen You strap on a monitor when you go to work out and a big screen overhead compares you to everyone else.  Talk about competition.  They are doing it on The Biggest Loser, too.  Now your numbers are visible to the world!

So what's with all this measurement?  When you count something, it matters and you can improve.

Not just in fitness, but in business, too. 

Are you measuring your business activity?  I am constantly amazed by business owners who NEVER count anything.

Even those of us who sell products can count specific achievements:
--New Clients
--Average Sale
--Website Traffic
--Social Media Followers
--Email list growth and opens

I suggest checking in with these numbers at least once a month.   Having trouble making yourself accountable for numbers?  That's where a coach comes in.  Maybe I can help?

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