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Why Isn't My Website Ringing Up Sales?
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
September 2015 
You know the line from Field of Dreams:  If you build it, they will come.  Maybe works for baseball fields, but definitely not for business and websites.  Read on.
Websites are not magical.
New entrepreneurs frequently reach out to me to help get their business started.  Their highest priority is almost always building a shiny new website.   I usually refuse to start there. A website is NOT a substitute for a business plan.

First you need a strong business model--to understand what products and services you are selling---who you are selling them to---who your competitors are---and how you are different and better. What is your marketing message, your unique selling proposition?  If you don't know all that, you can't build a strong website anyway.

And then, once you've got that website built (hopefully in a content management system like Bold Business Tools' Wordpress program)---don't expect miracles.  First, it takes a few weeks for Google to even index your site!  And then you need to make sure you've got the correct search words embedded...and links to your social media profiles and so on and so forth.

Think about your website like the windows of a store.  They can be bright and shiny and should make someone want to walk in to your store, where they may browse and then buy.  All of it is irrelevant if no one sees the window. 

There are  a BILLION websites (really, read the citation.) What are the chances someone will happen by yours?  You have to work at it---first to get them to come and then to entice them in to buy.   Feeling overwhelmed?  You're not alone.  Join me for my free webinar with marketing expert Andrew Rose on Thursday, September 24th at 12noon ET to learn how you can bring in more visitors and customers!  Sign up now. 

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