Lessons from Pop Culture?---Deborah's February Newsletter
From: Deborah Gallant, Bold Business Works
Subject: Lessons from Pop Culture?---Deborah's February Newsletter
Preheader: Movies, TV, Sports: we can learn from it all.
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Entertainment can be educational, too...
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
February 2016  
I can't turn off my "business brain" even when I'm watching TV, movies or sports...always picking up tidbits.  This month, sharing a few of those random insights...
I pick things up everywhere... 

Every month I try to find something interesting, relevant and useful for you in this monthly newsletter.  Sometimes one theme emerges, sometimes I have a bunch of scattered ideas.  I can pick up a valuable insight from almost anything I am doing, watching, interacting with.  A few things that might be helpful for you, too:

From The Intern
(movie with Robert DeNiro & Anne Hathaway):
  Caught this on the plane to California.  Obvious theme, of course the young can learn from the older, more experienced.  My memorable takeaway was from the scene when DeNiro is being interviewed for his "senior internship" by a 20-something reading off a script:  "Where do you see yourself in ten years?"  He pauses and says "You mean when I'm 80?"   Takeaways:  1. Many people are terrible interviewers, so take control yourself and 2.  When you are engaging with someone, in an interview or any other business conversation, make sure you take into account who you are talking to:  one size does NOT fit all.

From the ABC Movie and News Special on Bernie Madoff
Okay, lots of cautionary tales here.  Fascinating approach to the movie in that it was in Bernie Madoff's "voice."  (as portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss).  He basically says he was able to get away with his massive fraud because people want to get something for nothing---in this case great investment returns with no risk.  So he gave them what they wanted by building the worlds' most awful Ponzi scheme.  My pragmatic takeaway:  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Be skeptical of promises like "I can get you on the front page of Google" or "I will make you an Internet millionaire."  There are scammers out there who understand the desire we all have to get something for nothing---like the lottery.

From the NBC TV show, The Biggest Loser
I admit my daughter and I watch this show together.  I find it largely unrealistic because really how many of us could ever lose 9 pounds in one week?  It sets normal humans up with unrealistic expectations.  But my takeaway from this show is one that you have heard from me before:  when you measure something, it gets better just because you are paying attention to it.  Whether it is getting on a scale on national TV or checking to see your flow of new clients every month...when you look at your results and count it, things will get better.

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