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I'm writing this on my birthday--a beautiful, sunny day in the Berkshires.  I am lucky that my mother gave birth over Labor Day weekend and I always get a three-day celebration out of it.

Read on to learn how I used social media to do good on my special day.

California folks, hope to see you on my upcoming trip---four talks scheduled, hope to see you at one of them.  Check here for the schedule:

I had an excellent summer, including a ten day trip to Edinburgh and Dublin with my daughter Amy.  Hope you had a memorable summer, too. 


Just like the rest of the world, I've been watching the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Texas. As my birthday approached, I decided to try something I'd seen others do:  Donate My Birthday on Facebook.

My friend Michele has a friend who works for JFS/Houston and asked if I could help in any way.  So this was it.  I like supporting local organizations since they are already in place and ready to help.  So I "donated my birthday."  And as soon as I posted it on September 1 (3 days before my birthday), my friends, family and old classmates (as well as friends of all of them) started responding!  I've raised the goal three times and am so gratified to see the response from so many people in diverse parts of my life.  (BTW its not too late if you'd like to help out!  Just click through and contribute!)

What a great use of social media.  I wasn't a particularly early adopter of Facebook but now you can say I'm a believer.   What ways have you seen social media do good in the world?  Love to hear your stories. 
Will I see you in California?

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