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Subject: Bring on Spring (and other changes): Deborah's April Newsletter
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So glad this winter is over!
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
April 2014 
If you live on the East Coast, I am sure you are as glad as I am to see the end of winter!  What a long, cold, messy time---even getting snow on the last day of March. 
As we enjoy some improved weather and early-blooming flowers, let's embrace the opportunities for change in our business, too.  Time to turn over a new leaf? 
For everything, turn-turn-turn...

Spring feels especially welcome this year--a record number of snow days and bitter cold, which has gotten me reflecting on the very nature of change. 

One of my winter projects was a complete revamping of my ebook Shine Online.  I originally wrote the book over the holiday break in 2008-2009, giving all the details for how to get started doing web marketing for small businesses. 

I've done revisions and updates several times since I first wrote it, but I was stunned by how much has changed in just five years.  I wrote brand new chapters on mobile devices and video.  It may be hard to remember now, but just a few years ago, everyone did not have cell phones with still and video cameras on them---and we certainly didn't use them to surf the web.  Now this is commonplace.  My book had to change or it would have been comically out of date.

I am consulting with a client who is a physician and is moving her practice to a concierge-model where each patient pays a flat administrative fee on top of insurance reimbursement ---which will make it a much smaller, but more profitable practice in the long run.  This was a tough call and the transition will be difficult, but our businesses must evolve.

As entrepreneurs, we need to adjust, adapt, sometimes make drastic changes in our business to keep up with factors beyond our control.  Stasis isn't really an option.  We are comfortable with things the way they've always been.

Look out the window and see the flowers, feel the change of the seasons and accept that change is inevitable.  So why not get ahead of it by anticipating the opportunity and embracing it?   Need help?  That's where a business coach comes in handy.  Set up your FREE coaching exploration call with me today:

Big changes on the horizon for me, my only daughter graduates high school and then she's off to Vassar College in the fall!  Empty nest syndrome?  Stay tuned!

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