What is your Super Power? Deborah's April newsletter.
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April 2016
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Hope your spring is off to a strong start. 

We had snow upstate on April 3d...but my faith tells me the warm weather is coming soon!   


We all have a superpower.  What's yours?

One of my favorite New York Times Sunday Business features, The Corner Office interviewed Dottie Mattison of Gracious Home this last week and when asked what questions she asks job candidates she asked..."What is your superpower?"   She says that many people are so self-effacing that they don't want to boast.

Batman vs. Superman
I love that question and spend a lot of time with my clients helping them figure out their superpower.  You should be proud of your unique superpower.  Its different for every person.  It may come from a native talent or been developed in school...or come from years of expertise in your field.

My hair stylist sees strangers and knows what haircut or style is going to work for people.  My interior designer walked into my apartment and had five suggestions for ways to rearrange the furniture that resulted in immediate improvements. I can't do either of these things--that's why I use professionals to help me.

My superpower is the clarity and x-ray vision to find out what needs attention in your business.  Making sure you tell your story effectively.  When things aren't working and you aren't sure why, it may feel like you are drowning in the chaos.  I cut right to the chase and can usually find solutions to address the issues.  I've done it for hundreds of clients.  

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Symphony Placements 
Symphony Placements
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What do you think?
Ads on table.
When I was in Baltimore recently, I met a colleague at Goldberg's Bagels in Pikesville.  I commented that I thought the "low-tech" advertising approach of selling ads laminated on to the tables still made a lot of sense for the local advertisers.  My associate disagreed and thought it was a waste of money. Do you think it is effective?  VOTE NOW:     Yes or No?

I will publish results next month.

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