Can You Identify the Pain? Deborah's December musings..
From: Deborah Gallant, Bold Business Works
Subject: Can You Identify the Pain? Deborah's December musings..
Preheader: Clients hire you because you can solve a problem. What problem?
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If you can't tell what problem you solve for your clients...
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
December 2015 

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season, whatever you celebrate! Even though things can be a little distracting, a lot of business still gets done in December, so keep up the hard work!
Sometimes it isn't easy to figure out what pain you solve for clients. 

But you need to figure it out.

I work with many health professionals and it is pretty easy for us to figure out their clients' pain. 

Their feet hurt:  they need a podiatrist. 

They are overweight:  they need a nutritionist, a weight-loss doctor, a gym.

Just had a new baby:  they need a pediatrician to take care of all the needs of the growing child. 

First we identify the pain and then we focus all of our marketing and sales on how they solve it.

For those of us who provide professional services, this pain isn't always easy to identify.  I admit I was kind of stumped myself.  

So I asked my clients to tell me the pain I solve for them. 
(btw this is a terrific exercise that I encourage you to do for yourself, too!)

Here is what a few of them said:

I was going in circles and simply not nailing anything!  I had so many ideas and plans and kept getting stuck with regards to how to get things off the ground and up and running! Your can-do attitude and ability to keep me focused got me to launch and I continue to grow!  
Sara Freed 
The pain of knowing if you are going anywhere.  When starting a new business or venture it is difficult to see the forest for the trees.  Deborah keeps me grounded in reality and focused on measurable and realistic goals, she is our sounding board, our sage advisor looking in from the outside to say "I think that is a bad idea" or "I like the concept but maybe you should look at this different angle" or "I love it and let me help make it happen. " Deborah is helping us achieve our vision of transforming the camping industry.
Mark Koep 
How do I make sure I focus on my Ideal Clients...the ones who pay me and appreciate me?   Deborah's wise coaching advice helps me choose the projects that are most attainable and profitable. She taught me to write very smart, strategic plans and is helping me to become a more selective,successful entrepreneur.

Henya Storch 

Other consultants treated me like I was a giant multi-national corporation.
  You took my size into account. I know it sounds like, duh, doesn't every service do that? Unfortunately no they don't. They treat the little guy the way they treat big companies.  The money runs out with no results.  With you we clearly go from point A to point B, point C etc. You break it down into clear, digestible and affordable steps. 
Levana Kirschenbaum 
When I launched my business in 2003 I called it Lifework Catalyst and I provided direction for people deciding what to do next in their life and work.  Note the compass in the middle of my old name badge.  

concept still sums it up.

When you are lost in your business and need clarity, perspective and practical action steps, I can help. 
Can I help you solve your pain?

No holiday breaks for me.  This is a great time to work on your business.  Wait no longer.   


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