Who's your "Jackie?"
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Subject: Who's your "Jackie?"
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Hope that you are having a terrific spring, and for those of you celebrating Passover---enjoying your families and the special traditions of the season.

I'm always on the lookout for business trends that resonate with lessons I have been sharing with my clients.  Read on. 
One of my recurring themes when I teach workshops or work one-on-one with my clients is the importance of identifying your IDEAL CLIENT.

Reading Bloomberg Business Week (yes, I still subscribe to the print version, its
meaty train reading), I found a great article describing how Staples is expanding their offerings based on "Jackie," which is what they have named their fictional target customer.  (Read it here.) 

When business owners tell me they sell to "everyone," it shows me they have not done the hard work of figuring out this Ideal Client thing.  No one can or should have a target market of "everyone." 

You need to focus all your marketing energies attracting clients who: 

--Pay your price 

--Make repeat purchases 
--Value what you do

--Refer others


Try to describe this person in as much detail as possible--gender, age, marital status, what they do for work, their household income, if they have kids, where they live, what publications they read, what websites they read, what groups they belong to.  Even if you are in a B2B marketplace, real people who are individuals are still making purchase decisions for their business.

Dentist Jennifer Plotnick from NY Magazine.  (example of a "Joan") 


Go through magazines and look at ads...cut out a picture of someone who you imagine looks  like this Ideal Client.  Give him or her a name:  for some reason I use Joan a lot.  Post Joan's picture front and center in your workspace.  Think about her and how she makes purchase decisions.

Of course you can sell your product or services to anyone you care to, but you should focus your marketing efforts on getting more Joans.  You'll create better messages and pick the right channels to reach her.

If you haven't identified your Ideal Client, you are spinning your wheels.  Contact Deborah if you need a helping hand with this building block of your business!  

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