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December can be a great business month, even if you're not in retail!
Bold Business Works Monthly Newsletter
December 2014 
Snowy Thanksgiving in the country

Hope that you and your loved ones are having a warm and happy holiday season. My family spent Thanksgiving in our new home in the country--which was great except for the 20 hours without heat, electricity or water.  But even that was okay because we were together. 

But don't think that the work year is over, there are still lots of opportunities!  Read on.

We all know that the holiday season is critical for retail stores...

But it can be a lively time for service businesses too!

Statistics show that retailers expect to do around 20% of their annual sales during the "holiday" season.  The name Black Friday came about initially because that was the turning point for retailers to go from operating in the RED to operating in the BLACK.

There's a myth that starts to circulate for service businesses that no serious business happens for us during the holidays.  I am here today to denounce that myth! 

One of my Mastermind group colleagues told me she got three new clients the week before Thanksgiving. 

I have heard from several dormant prospects---people I have not interacted with in years but who have remained on my mailing list.  And they are READY to go.

The end of the year and the prospect of launching into the new year can be powerful motivators for people.  They are open to making new commitments and resolving old issues so they can get a fresh start for the new year. candy-cane-sm.jpg

If your service is "giftable," consider a holiday package or gift certificate that new and existing clients can purchase for themselves or others.  I've seen this work very effectively for a professional home organizer, an auto detailer and a spiritual/life coach.

Need some help coming up with a creative and spirited approach to closing clients during this busy season?  That's when it might make sense to hire me!  Set up your own coaching exploration call for December, I'll be hard at work!

Happy Holidays!

I look forward to hearing from you! 





Deborah Gallant



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