An entrepreneur’s work is never done…

Some days it seems that it would be easier to have a “job.”  You know, that antiquated thing where you went to a place of business, did things for a bunch of productive hours and then left that place and went home.  And the work stayed at work.  Ah, how the paradigm has shifted.  Now […]

Got a new business idea? Test it first!

Got a world-class business idea?  Make sure that customers think it’s as good an idea as you do.  Can you find a way to do a test or trial with a small group of your target prospects?  What will they buy?  How much will they pay?  Before you invest your life savings and quit your […]

Check out the YouTube video posted today…about ME!

Conejo Jewish Job Support hosted Meenal Kelker today.  And she created a gratitude journal about me.  Whoo hoo. Check it out!