What is with all that spam?

Just went to comb through my blog comments and I have to ask…does every blogger have to deal with hundreds of spam contributions?  In the latest batch, I found several in Hebrew (which I can assure you I cannot read), promos for Acai berries, student loans, adult products of many sorts, Internet money-making schemes, web design programs, sunglasses and one to Free The Seals.  Is there an advisor somewhere that tells people to generate all these bogus posts in hopes that they will slip by the blog author and get posted so they’ll get more traction for their own products and programs?  Almost all of them are gibberish, many of them identical gibberish.  I have to assume they are not being submitted by individuals who actually read and process the content of the website or blog because there is absolutely no reference to the topics I talk about.  Strange stuff.  Are there real people out there?  Hellooooo?