Organizers Rule!

Over the last month I’ve spoken to three different chapters of the National Association of Professional Organizers (Columbus, Boston and Los Angeles) and I am so impressed by what I am seeing out there.  There may be a stereotype of the organizer as a middle-aged woman with a label maker but so many of the people I’ve met are doing so much more than that!  The LA Chapter in particular showcased several members and their activities—one woman works with traditional Orthodox Jewish families to manage their complex lives and has a thriving business presenting workshops for this audience through non-profit and faith communities.  So smart.  I’ve met a few of them who are professional memory book and photo organizers.  Another very worthwhile service.  One organizer who has successfully grown her business to have several others working for her is now teaching workshops to help other coaches grow from solo to team practices.  I am so enjoying gathering all of these stories for my upcoming NAPO National conference in March 2012 (right here in Baltimore!)  Watch the video I’ve created to promote it!