The power of a good-enough website: The Wall Street Journal notices you.


This week as the US Women’s Soccer team received a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York, my uncle Phil Gallant got a little “hurray” of his own.  You see he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal—an article about how you have a ticker tape parade without any ticker tape—(read it here)  Phil is an antique dealer.  He’s been doing this for as long as I’ve known him—over fifty years.  In the past ten years or so he has been specializing in vintage ticker tape machines, which of course don’t actually show stock ticker prices anymore.  They are largely used as showpieces and fancy gifts for wealthy folks in the banking and financial industries. But he has a one-man marketplace in them and about seven years ago, I worked with him to register the rather obvious domain .  Nothing very fancy.  We built him a templated website listing inventory, some history and how to contact him.  Well that little powerhouse of a URL have made him the market-maker in ticker tape machines.  And also the world’s foremost authority—as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.  It isn’t about having a fancy website.  It’s about having a GOOD ENOUGH website.  Something that my regular followers have heard me saying for about 20 years now.  So don’t overspend or get too complicated!