You never call. You never write. (Texting doesn't count)
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July 2016
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Happy Summer!   Hope you had a great July 4th.    
Pittsfield, Massachusetts July 4th Parade

Thanks to many of you who replied to my June newsletter (the one with the OOPs business card).  Good to know I'm not the only one bothered by this sloppy use of the English language.

The other day I got 4 different "touches" from my own mother:  a text, an email, a Facebook "like" and then a phone call.  (Thus the catchy subject line---the classic complaint from Jewish mothers everywhere.)  Got me thinking about how we choose to communicate what...   Read on.


We have more choices than ever about how to communicate. 

That's why newspaper companies are reinventing themselves:  fewer people actually want a hard copy of a newspaper.

It applies to everyone who does business.  We have to choose the most effective way to transmit any particular message.
(btw:  it isn't just what is easiest and most comfortable for you!)
  • Don't text important information that needs to be saved and referred back to.  This should go in an email or snail mail.
  • A company doesn't post a phone number on their website.  Customers want to phone you so make it easy for them.
  • A job-hunter emailed a resume to an old friend but then heard nothing.  If you have a phone number and the person knows you, call first or your email will get lost in the blizzard of emails everyone gets.
  • Filling in a form on a corporate website when you have a matter that needs the attention of the top executive.  It is amazing what happens when you bother to write a snail mail letter---it is so unusual that it automatically gets noticed.
  • Don't avoid personal interaction with your friends and family by making public comments on their Facebook page.  If you want to actually convey something heartfelt, pick the phone up.  Send a birthday card in the mail.

Marshall McLuhan was onto something when he said "The medium is the message."  Before you send your next communication out into the world, double-check and make sure it is the best way to do it.


Here's a corollary:  when you send someone a document, make sure that you name that document so it is understood by the recipient!

Classic rookie mistake:  Naming your resume "resume.doc."
Better resume name:  JanicePSmith7.16.doc

Or sending a business proposal with the name of the client.  How many files do they have with the name of their own company?  Use your name, their name and the date for utmost clarity.

Bad file name:  Joe Shmoe Proposal.doc
Better file name:  Deborah Gallant Proposal for Joe Shmoe 7.6.16.doc 
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Presenting Ready Set Career for Met Council
Presenting Ready Set Career for Met Council 
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