Bold Business Works is the name of the umbrella business that Deborah Gallant created to include her varied coaching programs, marketing and website products and services as well as special events, webinars and classes.  It includes the coaching originally known as Lifework Catalyst and website building system first called Coach Power Tools then Web Power Tools and now Bold Business Tools.  The newest product is being released in June 2012, BizSuccessTracker, allowing business owners to measure and monitor their own progress and make better business decisions.

Yes!  But not a classic “life” coach (she likes to say she’s not really nice enough to be a life coach).  Deborah’s focus is strictly on small business (and occasionally career) coaching and she brings her MBA smarts to bear—in that way, she frequently acts as more of a consultant than a coach.  Many coaches require you to commit to months of work together—Deborah works with you to give you just as much help as you need, whether it is brief or longer-term.

Deborah’s clients are usually small business owners (family-owned, solo entrepreneurs frequently) who provide a service of some kind.  Professional organizers, life coaches, graphic designers, copywriters, public speakers, consultants of all types, acupuncturists, real estate industry professionals, insurance agents, health and nutrition experts, fitness trainers, construction and contracting services (like pool guys, plumbers, housecleaners, contractors).  She has also put her Internet background to good use helping folks with web-based businesses.  If you are in a very specialized industry—like food production, restaurant, manufacturing—Deborah may be able to help you or she’ll refer you to a pro who specializes in these types of operations.  Not sure if there’s a fit?  Call and find out!

First you start with a coaching exploration call.  (no charge!) We determine together what your needs are and to see if there’s a good fit.  Deborah’s VIP coaching program includes prepwork, two long VIP sessions (in person if possible) and then three months of followup coaching.  Mastermind Group coaching is a three month program in a small group that meets virtually over a three month period. She also does a QuickStart progam that can get you engaged quickly (and if you decide to move on for more coaching, your payment is credited against the bigger program.)   Once you’ve worked with Deborah, she is available to work with you on a project/hourly basis when you need her.

Well sort of.  Bold Business Works offers a complete content-management system that empowers YOU to build your own website, but Deborah frequently works with clients to help them with content and copy, search optimization and other best practices to ensure great outcomes.  We also have several independent designers and developers who can use our templated system to build your site for you.

  • The setup fee is $500 plus $80 for the year for hosting and maintenance.  You can pay $580 all at once or finance it @ $59/month.
  • For all clients, subsequent years cost $99 for hosting and maintenance.
  • And here’s a bonus:  if you buy a second site from us, the setup fee is half-price, just $250.

BizSuccessTracker is a new product Deborah has developed that will be launching on/about June 1, 2012.  It is a tool that will help business owners have a simple way to measure and analyze the revenue and marketing activities to see what is really working.  More coming soon.