The power of a good-enough website: The Wall Street Journal notices you.

This week as the US Women’s Soccer team received a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York, my uncle Phil Gallant got a little “hurray” of his own.  You see he was quoted in the Wall Street Journal—an article about how you have a ticker tape parade without any ticker tape—(read it […]

Sometimes fastest isn’t best

I have found in business that you can’t usually lose out if you go just a little bit slower.  Even when your knee jerk reaction to an email is compelling you to ACT NOW, there is almost always better perspective on a matter if you can put it aside for a while before hitting Reply.  […]

Why It’s So Hard to Write Your Own Resume

I’ve been working with several job-hunters lately and then recently took a crack at my own resume.  It is super hard to write your own resume.  You’ve been so busy living your life and working your jobs that you don’t have much perspective on it all.  This is one instance where it may truly be […]

Should I blog?

Here’s a business question I get all the time.  And the funny thing is I struggle with this myself constantly.  My usual questions are: Do you have something to say—in your area of expertise—on many different topics? Can you make a schedule of at least once a month and stick to it? Does anyone care? […]

Some cool recent work…

My primary business is NOT building websites or creating videos, but I am so pleased to have worked on several of both recently, thought I’d use this blog as a chance to do some show and tell.  Blackhawk Medical Group in Danville, California launched a new website that I project-managed and wrote: Another medical […]