The power of a good-enough website: The Wall Street Journal notices you.

This week as the US Women’s Soccer team received a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York, my uncle Phil Gallant got a little “hurray” of his […]

Sometimes fastest isn’t best

I have found in business that you can’t usually lose out if you go just a little bit slower.  Even when your knee jerk reaction to an email is compelling […]

Why It’s So Hard to Write Your Own Resume

I’ve been working with several job-hunters lately and then recently took a crack at my own resume.  It is super hard to write your own resume.  You’ve been so busy […]

Should I blog?

Here’s a business question I get all the time.  And the funny thing is I struggle with this myself constantly.  My usual questions are: Do you have something to say—in […]

Some cool recent work…

My primary business is NOT building websites or creating videos, but I am so pleased to have worked on several of both recently, thought I’d use this blog as a […]