Deborah has developed a number of products, programs and services to help you grow to greatness in your business.


VIP Coaching Program


Deborah’s premier one-to-one coaching program helps entrepreneurs get maximum benefit in the shortest time.  The VIP coaching program consists of prepwork, two intensive sessions to work on business model and marketing and then three months of follow-up coaching.  These sessions are held in person if possible, if not they can be done by phone.

Quick Start Coaching

Quickstart Coaching

Need to work with Deborah for a quick, intensive session to….fix problems, get clarity, create an action plan to launch a new program or product, work out responsibilities with a partner, address your web marketing or website re-do?  Anything is possible in this exhilirating 1.5 hour coaching session—in-person or virtual, depending on where you are.  And the investment in Quick Start is fully credited against a full VIP coaching program if you decide to keep working with Deborah!


90 Second Web Commercial


For $499 you can finally have a promotional commercial/video on your website!

(if you want us to also post it online for you, give you b-roll, create a YouTube channel, we can do that too for a little more.)

You get Deborah’s coaching, the shoot and the final video (usually about 90 seconds long) that you can use on your website, your social media profiles, improve your search ranking!  See examples on Deborah’s You Tube channel.

We hold shoots about once per quarter.  Contact Deborah to find out the next date.