How can you know how your business is doing if you don’t measure it?

bigstock-Business-Woman-Success-2764994-21-278x300Deborah’s Biz Success Tracker 3-month Coaching Program helps get you on track with performance metrics that will keep you on track and growing long after the program is over.

Here’s how it works:

1.   First, you have a one-hour intensive “Intake” Session with Deborah where you’ll dig into the details of how your business is doing, what marketing activities you do now, what goals you have for yourself and much much more.

2.   Then Deborah creates a custom online tracker for you to enter your key performance indicators every month.  A short orientation session shows you how to complete this form.

3.  Now the ball is in your court! Within the first ten days of the month, you log in to your personal Biz Success Tracker to enter the data showing how you did last month.

4.  For THREE MONTHS, You and Deborah will have a scheduled one-hour coaching call (scheduled mid-month) to review your performance for the previous month, see what is trending and make determinations about how to proceed in the coming months.

5.  The final call will also create some accountability and structure so you keep on going strong long after the short-term program is over.

Value of program:

4 one-hour coaching sessions:  $175 X 4 = $700

Biz Success Tracker license:       $97

Customization of Biz Success Tracker:  $200

TOTAL:  $797


$199/month for 3 months =  $598 total