Deborah’s premier service gets you the one to one personal attention that will quickly boost your business to the next level.  Within a few short months, you’ll see results. brainy-kid2-150x150

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You and Deborah first ‘meet’ on an exploratory call to see if there’s a good fit to work together.
  2. You sign a contract and pay a deposit to get the process started.
  3. Deborah develops prepwork for you based on the initial conversation, focusing on the key issues you’re facing in your business.
  4. After you complete the prepwork, you’ll schedule your first VIP session, where you and Deborah spend 1.5 to 2 hours together (on the phone if you’re distant, in-person whenever possible) where you’ll work together on strategic business issues—pricing, packaging, client review, projections, operations, etc.  (this varies by client, of course)
  5. Deborah documents VIP Session 1 and creates a working document and Action Plan for client.
  6. Out of this session, the client undertakes the follow-up work and research needed.
  7. Deborah prepares additional prepwork for the next session, which client must complete.
  8. VIP Session 2 is another 1.5-2 hour meeting focusing on Marketing:  clear message, identification of target clients, choosing marketing channels including the full range of web communications.
  9. Deborah develops a general marketing outline from this meeting, including steps for client to begin implementation.
  10. After the 2 VIP sessions, clients move over to a monthly coaching commitment with Deborah to focus on follow-up and implementation of the plans that have been developed.  The minimum commitment is once per month for three months, but some clients choose two or three sessions per month and many continue beyond the first three month period.
  11. Deborah is always available by email (or by phone with a preset appointment) between sessions to assist in whatever way required at no extra charge.

Would you prefer to work in a group?  Check out Deborah’s Mastermind groups.  All coaching with Deborah begins with that exploratory call.  Set it up today.