Sometimes fastest isn’t best

I have found in business that you can’t usually lose out if you go just a little bit slower.  Even when your knee jerk reaction to an email is compelling you to ACT NOW, there is almost always better perspective on a matter if you can put it aside for a while before hitting Reply.  I saw an example of that recently when a job applicant sent a thoughtfully worded email cover letter and resume out for a job…and then got word that this employer prefers a one page resume.  Okay, so she edited the resume from two pages down to one and then sent it off that minute.  But oops.  The new resume was called “One Page Resume.”  This is a rookie error.  Resumes must must have your own name as the document title.  If she’d waited just an hour or two and proof-read what she was doing, I am positive this mistake wouldn’t have been made.  Would she have missed the opportunity to apply for the job by waiting an hour or two…or even overnight?  No.  But did she maybe hurt her chances by sending the one pager with a lame name?  Quite possibly.  Slow down.  Just because you can do something really quickly doesn’t mean you always should.