Why It’s So Hard to Write Your Own Resume

I’ve been working with several job-hunters lately and then recently took a crack at my own resume.  It is super hard to write your own resume.  You’ve been so busy living your life and working your jobs that you don’t have much perspective on it all.  This is one instance where it may truly be valuable to work with someone who has an outside perspective and can get beyond the day-to-day.  It doesn’t have to be a professional resume writer:  start with co-workers or former supervisors to have them help you understand what is really special and different about you.  I like resumes that have Profile or Summary at the top that help summarize you for anyone (or any bot) scanning your credentials.  This is the hardest part to get right:  in small business marketing this is known as your Unique Value Proposition.  Same thing applies for job-hunters but I see many job hunters who don’t really get what’s special about them.  If they don’t know, you can be sure it won’t be in their materials.  Consider an outside perspective.