How is our system different?

A client recently asked me to help her understand how our Bold Business Tools system is different than “regular” WordPress. Thought it might help inform you, too!

How is Bold Business Tools different than “regular” WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source software that was originally developed for blogs (weblogs, online journaling). In the past five years, WordPress developers have created numerous templates, plug-ins and add-ons that have made WordPress a complete content management system for full-featured websites.
Because WordPress is not “owned” by anyone, if you want a website built with WordPress, generally you need to work with a technical person/developer/designer to put the various pieces together to create a website. Their work would usually include:
• Choosing/purchasing/customizing a WordPress template
• Plug-ins for features like Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, other software
• Hosting
• Security
• Backups
We think that paying a designer to do all of that is frequently overkill for small independent businesses who have relatively straightforward needs from their website. So we have simplified the process of building a website in WordPress:
• You can have as many pages as you want, with drop-down menus and sub-pages.
• Your pages can look like you want and you can create your own style/look.
• We have training videos that explain how to do almost anything on your site.
• We have technical and customer support staff who will help you at no extra charge.
• A banner (900 X 164 pixels) is persistent across the website and can be customized or use one of our graphics or all-type.
• Choose “sidebar” format or full-width format for every page, design each page including images, video, forms.
• There are no plug-ins or add-ons required.
• “Widget” choices built in including rotating content.
• We are pre-programmed to integrate with Google Analytics to track your website traffic.
• We have SEO functionality built right in, no add-ons required.
• Blog functionality built-in
• Store functionality and integration with ecommerce built-in
• Hosting is included
• Backup included
• Security included
• Customer support and training is included.

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