Why is it so hard to get anyone to focus on the numbers?

I’ve been working with my guest presenter Demet Anagnos of Results CFO (formerly BizCrew) for the upcoming September Bold Business Works webinar—this is really great, important stuff if you are a business owner and want to be growing.  We decided to rename the webinar “Is Your Head in the Sand?” because so many people are in serious avoidance mode about their numbers.  If they do anything at all, they may look at their Quickbooks files or bank statements and get a sense of whether this was a good month or not.  It’s not that much more work to dig a little deeper to understand what they all mean.

Normally I’m not very political, but Stephen Colbert had a very funny bit he called Internet Numbotron 3000 on his show a few weeks back.  The clip is here if you want to check it out:   Click to open the clip.   “The point is these numbers are out there!”

This great webinar is now available for you as a recording, so check it out here:

Business Ratios with Demet Anagnos, Bold Business Works Monthly Webinar Sept 2012 from Deborah Gallant on Vimeo.