I miss you all already.

I finally went public with the big news that I am moving to Baltimore at the end of this month.  I just slipped it into my monthly business building newsletter and the outpouring from many of you has been so heartwarming.  I’ve heard from many of the Southern California business owners and clients I’ve worked with in the eight plus years I’ve lived here.  Many of you reminded me of projects, events and groups from many years ago.  It is so easy to forget how many people we touch every day and how your impact can remain even long after you’ve lost daily touch with each person.  I am not moving until the end of the month, but all of your touching messages make me miss SoCal already!

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  1. Carrie Sharpshair
    Carrie Sharpshair says:

    Deborah – wow I hadn’t heard. I’ve been up in Oakland on a consulting project and am transitioning (yet again) into a new venture and came upon your site. Best of luck to you – we all know you’ll be a huge hit when you land in Baltimore!!

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