Milana’s amazing event on August 29th

You won’t want to miss this:

Ask any successful coach, author, or speaker what their #1 most
powerful marketing strategy is, and 90% of them would say the same

…It wouldn’t be Facebook or Twitter…It wouldn’t be blogging or SEO….It wouldn’t be newsletters or articles.
Sure, they probably do all those things. And some of them
probably make a nice bit of money from them. But if you really
looked at what was driving the BULK of their sales, and
consistently filling up their programs month after month, year
after year…

You would discover that JOINT VENTURES are the #1 force driving
new clients into their business.
Want to cut to the chase? This FREE webinar shows you exactly
how to find, approach, and get JV partners to promote your
products and programs for you!


You see it all the time.

The big players in a niche teaming up to promote each other’s
products and programs. And with a few email blasts, these
partnerships are generating 1,000’s of new subscribers, and
100’s of sales for everyone involved.

The problem is, unless you already have a big list (and can
offer to promote your partners’ products in exchange for them
promoting yours) it’s really tough to get potential joint
venture partners to say YES to doing a deal with you. It’s like
an “elite club” or “secret society” you are LOCKED OUT of.
But that’s where my friends Milana Leshinsky and Rich German
enter the story.  Milana and Rich have each done 100’s of joint ventures. They’ve
tapped into the power of joint venture partnerships to add tens
of thousands of people to their email lists, become top players
in their niches, and sell millions of dollars worth of products
and coaching.

Most importantly (for you), they have created a VERY unique
approach to joint ventures that completely levels the playing
field and allows ANYONE (even if you have NO list) to quickly
and easily start setting up lucrative joint venture partnerships
with other coaches, speakers, and authors.

It’s like they’ve stolen the “keys to the club” and are letting
everyone in. So anyone can start tapping into the incredible
power of joint ventures to grow their business, not just the
elite few who already have huge lists.

They’re laying out their complete system on a special free
webinar, and I thought you would want to jump on this:

FREE Webinar: Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way
to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, And Build a
Massive List of Hot Prospects

Space on this LIVE webinar is extremely limited, and spots
will fill up fast.  There is so much re-hashed marketing info out there, you rarely
come across TRUE breakthroughs and advances. THIS is one of
those times. This is really a whole new way of approaching joint
ventures that finally lets people just starting out tap into the
same powerful marketing strategy the big guys use to make

FREE Webinar: Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way
to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, And Build a
Massive List of Hot Prospects