Our website builder meets a real need…even now.

I had several conversations this week with different people—some clients, some technical, some not-so-technical and I am more convinced than ever that there is still a real need for the website building system we have developed:  Bold Business Tools.  Yes, sure you can shop around and find some simple solutions when you need your own website, but no one has curated the WordPress capabilities to turn it into a turn-key system that can really work for small business.  We’ve already got the plug-ins you need including SEO, store, blog, Google Analytics, social media, email marketing integration.  We host.  We back it up.  And the sites might seem pretty simple and not very fancy, but they are really working.  Phil Gallant’s Ticker Tape website helped him get his hands on three vintage machines.  Randy Rollins’ roofing website has gotten him major residential projects totalling thousands of dollars.  WordPress might seem really easy if you’re already a geek, but for the rest of us, my system really meets a need!  Haven’t checked it out yet?  Why not?  There’s a free trial (no credit card required!)  Sign yourself up now.

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