I am so tired of seeing “Inspirational Quotes.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of worthy quotes.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, there are any number of really intelligent, accomplished people whose words are worth noting.  But I am really tired of the trend that turn quotes and inspirational sayings and mottos into little images with colored backgrounds or pictures of small animals and then posting them on Facebook.  I remember going to Spencer Gifts in the ’70s (oh I know I am dating myself!) and buying a poster of a kitten that said “Hang in there.”

Last night in a conversation with a social media expert, she said I could use Pinterest to post these kind of quotes and inspirations.  “Feels trite to me,” is what I said.  But after further noodling around on this, it’s really that I feel it is kind of hackneyed and overdone so it just doesn’t mean anything anymore. When people don’t have anything original to say, they grab something someone else said.

My mother gets me a desk calendar every year as a holiday present and this year’s is something absolutely dreadful (the cover is ripped off but I think it’s Inspirations for Busy Women or something like that —and every day is a new one of these little pieces of pap.  Who wrote or compiled this nonsense?   If I wasn’t so cheap, I’d throw it out and and buy a new one.  Besides, where could you buy a new calendar in mid-April?

Are you tired of these silly quotes too?