Why doesn’t Google Ad Words have a phone number?

I don’t usually use this blog platform to rant, but today is the exception.  I have been having a dispute with Google Ad Words over an alleged ad campaign I do not remember authorizing. It started this summer with a little $8 charge.  Then it went up to $40 or so.  And then $50.  BTW, no impact on my traffic or business at all.

So, I tried emailing Google when my credit card expired and I thought the campaign would die of natural causes.  But no such luck.  And to even fill in their online form required information I wouldn’t even know how to look up because I didn’t remember placing the order.

So I’ve been trying to put a halt to all of this.  And since Google only responds with email autoresponders, I called my credit card company to dispute the charges.

That did get their attention.  They sent me yet another email.  Aargh.  Now we are on the fourth round of my requesting a phone number so I can actually speak to a person.  No luck, stay posted.

Anyone else having this problem?