What Makes An Ideal Client?

I am working on several Powerpoints that I’ll be presenting in upcoming weeks and the topic of Ideal Client keeps coming up.  (If you don’t know who your Ideal Client is, you can’t shape an effective marketing message or strategy!)

So I’m trying to come up with the criteria I use to define what makes someone an Ideal Client.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1.  They pay your price without an argument or negotiation because they know they are getting value and your services are worth what you charge.

2.  They buy from you more than once, either re-upping for a program or buying a different product or service from you.

3.  They listen to what you say and act on it.  (this is true for me as a coach, might be less relevant for a plumber!)

4.  They are your unpaid evangelists:  they tell their friends and colleagues about you and send business and referrals your way.

5.  You genuinely enjoy working with them.

What other things would you list as characteristics of an Ideal Client?  Comments welcome!