Baltimore Web Videos Launch (Next shoot date January 15th)

I am bullish on video.  It has been great for my business and my clients too.  For the last few years I’ve been partnering with Marty Jenoff of Focal Point Productions to create professional videos that small business owners can use on their websites.  (have you seen our work on YouTube?)

We’ve got it down to a science:  we schedule five people in one three hour block of time.  I prep you and we do group coaching and practice to get you ready for your turn in front of the camera.  Marty brings his green screen, lighting and audio setup.  I do the off-screen interviewing and there’s nothing to memorize,  nothing to get nervous about.  Then we take the raw footage, add your images, logo, colors and turn it into a masterpiece.

So I built us a simple website to let people know about our video program, check it out at  And if you’re interested, our next shoot date is Wednesday, January 15th (in the morning) in Pikesville.