The Power of Masterminding

Back in California for a short, extremely packed week of friends, family and work I was able to get my old Mastermind group together for one of their regular monthly breakfasts today.

I was the initiator of this group 18 or so months ago and I am pleased (though somewhat saddened) that they continue strong without me. In my few months away I had really missed their valued input and ideas. These smart, trusted business people are all out pursuing their own ventures but for this one meeting per month, they can be the source of honest feedback and real listening that is so hard to get any other way. Because we all know each other so well, there’s none of that introduction, networking stuff that inevitably takes place at most “networking” meetings. These sessions get right down to brass tacks…how is it going and how can we help you?

I did a webinar for Practice Pay Solutions eUniversity last week with colleague Cheri Ruskus last week where she talked about her specialized sort of Mastermind groups for women called Victory Circles. (Catch the video here if you want to watch for yourself.) Cheri’s groups focus on one of Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Principles and have a real structure and accountability element built in.  Worth checking out.

If you are feeling isolated in your small business, consider Masterminding.  I highly recommend it and want to publicly thank Bill, Bette, Michelle and Tracie for being my Masterminds!

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  1. Paul Simister
    Paul Simister says:

    I am a huge convert to the power of the mastermind principle.
    being based in the UK, it’s a concept that’s not as well established as it is in the US which is a big shame.

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