Are you leaving a legacy?

My newsletter this month is a little more serious than usual since a little boy named Sam rocked my world.  There have been many moving tributes, articles, blog posts and sermons examining the impact this one child had, my words feel inadequate but I wanted to share Superman Sam with my community. Read the article […]

But I love Orange!

Driving around this morning, I heard a radio report that excerpted the results of a career advice study that if you are going for a job interview, you should still wear black or navy blue…that wearing those colors improves your chances of getting hired.  Red is listed as a power color—one of the last times […]

Baltimore Web Videos Launch (Next shoot date January 15th)

I am bullish on video.  It has been great for my business and my clients too.  For the last few years I’ve been partnering with Marty Jenoff of Focal Point Productions to create professional videos that small business owners can use on their websites.  (have you seen our work on YouTube?) We’ve got it down […]

Want to know the “secrets” behind successful Facebook advertising?

I run a webinar every month for my Bold Business Works community and this month was one of the most chock-ful of valuable information of any that I’ve ever done.  Mara Glazer of Cut the Crap and Profit Now has been placing Facebook ads for her clients with amazing success and she demonstrated to our […]

Nothing like connecting over a cuppa coffee.

I had a cup of coffee this morning (at one of my favorite Baltimore spots, Goldberg’s Bagels, but that is a different blog post!) with someone I’d been on a panel with maybe two years ago. We had seen each other in passing several times, but he initiated this meeting and I was glad to […]