Deborah Gallant, Small Business Coach

I’m Deborah Gallant, Small Business Coach. I work with entrepreneurs who are stuck, not making enough money. My process to bring your business to the next level is fun and creative and taps your potential so you make the income you deserve!

When “business as usual” isn’t cutting it anymore, shake things up with a Bold Business Works boost. Using my MBA and corporate background, I’ve developed a laser-focused process to quickly uncover why things aren’t working.  It has  worked for hundreds of service professionals like coaches, consultants, organizers and service providers.  I partner with you to create an action plan that will jump-start your success. Bold Business Works has tools that can help you measure performance, build and manage your own website, virtual learning, one-on-one and group coaching programs and Deborah is a frequent presenter and public speaker.

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Bold Business Tools Do It Yourself Website Builder

Bold Business Tools Do It Yourself Website Builder

This simple system has allowed hundreds of small business clients to build and maintain their own good-enough website.  Enter your own search optimization, hook it up to Google Analytics, add your own words and pictures and you are good to go!

Web Sites for Do-It-Yourselfers

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer looking to build your own website without learning anything new or spending a fortune? Bold Business Tools Content Management System might be just what you are looking for!  This is WordPress made easy:  you’ll have the most up to date technology available for an effective, searchable site.  We host it, we back it up, we support you.  Learn more.

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When you really want that gig…

Logo with C 2 Need help writing an important pitch letter?

Deborah is collaborating with Harry Jaffe, a seasoned Washington journalist and author to write those important letters that get attention.

Whether you want to get a book published, get a speaking gig, ask for money for your cause…when you can’t find the right words, we do it for you.

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